Thursday, November 22, 2012

I am thankful!!!

Yes, very thankful! We have had some good sleep lately!! :D Is this because the prozac is finally kicking in? Or something else? We are having moments of good. Still moments of not so good. Especially for me, as I left her at home alone while I took the boys for a long woods hike with our doggie pals. Something she would LOVE doing, in her past. :( That SUCKED. My friends said......"Really, she couldn't have come?". I asked them if they were conscious during our last farm walk. They nodded, sadly. We pretty much drag her out for the first part of our morning walks. Then unhook her and she does OK, but the first half is pretty much a drag.

However, upon return I peeped into the window and saw her snoozing soundly. Who knows, maybe she howled in dismay for the first hour and finally collapsed in exhaustion? I am not good on myself, mentally.

She then woke up and was all excited to see us, so I didn't even bother with her collar and coat and RAN outside to take her for a short walk out back!! She acted, for those 15 minutes, nearly like her "old" self!! We ran to her big ball for some ball games and then I ran out the back pasture with her running next to me!!! WOW! She hasn't run like that in weeks! I capitalized on that and ran back to the agility yard! Then back out again and over to the horse's lower pasture, where she always loves to hunt. She was happy to be out naked and running. It felt good!

She has been sleeping pretty well at night. And even without the xanax!!! Her recent fasted BUN was lower, 61, but still that is very high. It has been 72 and 74 on the other previous tests. She has been eating OK, not the low protein diet, but any canned food I can find that she will eat. I have found she likes a certain texture. Not the stew kind, but the regular canned foods.

Another strange thing, she isn't doing the obsessive drinking. So, is that the prozac? Was her drinking an obsession? Soothing her somehow? I have also been able to get the sucralfate second dose in. It says in big letters "ON AN EMPTY STOMACH". Which means essentially at least an hour before or two hours after a meal. Well, we are constantly feeding the dogs, since they get Charlee Bears often as training treats for recalls or whatever. And cookies and bits of leftovers, often through out the day. But, since she isn't wanting to eat the Charlee Bears, she has an empty stomach for our afternoon walks. And then again around 8 PM. Maybe that is helping? It is a medication to coat her stomach in case she has a gastric ulcer. Which we kind of doubt because she has no other signs of that, poops normal, not elevated blood values like anemia or something. It is all a quandary, but at least we are doing better and for that I am happy!!!!

I'll leave you with some more Silvia Trkman homework from a couple weeks ago. This is the extension/collection exercise we love. I love it because I get a GREAT workout, too!! :D It showed, though, that I need a left and right cue.

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  1. yay! I am so glad you both finally have some relief. I mentioned before that it took 6wks for prozac to really kick in for Vito so my fingers are crossed that is what is helping your little girl.

    I love that homework too! collection back to extension is one of our big issues!