Friday, November 2, 2012

It is just getting worse........

Update on Miss Colby. We saw the ophthalmologist and she said her developing cataract could certainly be causing these behavior issues. It may be a rapidly developing cataract and she has suddenly lost more vision. Surgery is $3500-$4500 and that only after a $400 test to be sure she doesn't have too much degeneration in her retina, which would make the surgery a waste. WHAT????? There is a 90% success rate, but that just means that she has a 10% change it won't work at all and she would them be totally blind. But, if she has minimal retinal degeneration we won't know if it is progressive or not. She could be going blind anyway, regardless of a cataract.

She whines and shakes pretty much 24/7. Happiest when out for walks, but only because we are DOING something. In the house, she is only happy if she is in our arms. She is in my arms right now. My arms are tired, my back is tired, my legs are tired. It wears on you to have a dog in your arms all the time. At night we give her xanax, but sometimes it doesn't work and it always wears off after about 4 hours. Then we give her more. Rich is sleeping in the spare bedroom.

It just sucks. We started her on prozac Monday. It can take 2 weeks to up to 2 months to take effect. Usually, only two weeks, but TWO WEEKS of THIS???? OMG, we are all going insane!

We still have the strange issue with her high BUN. We will retest for that next week.


  1. Amy, happy to do a shift if you and Rich want to get away for a night. Thinking of you... :(

  2. Oh Colby! I am so sorry she's not feeling any better. Vito is on Prozac and I'm sorry to say it did take several weeks to notice a difference, 6wks for full effect. But there are lots of short acting drugs you can talk to your vet about similar to the Xanax she's taking. It sucks to watch your dog freak out and not be able to help them.