Monday, November 26, 2012

Oh the days are getting harder to manage!

It gets dark so early!!! So, even though it is SO cold lately it is still quite nice out. I am trying to do as much agility training while my ring is free of snow and ice. And getting lots of walks in. We hit the woods a couple times. It is nice and dry right now, so the woods are awesome. And no ticks, at least none that I have found!!! Yay!!!

Colby is doing better. I think the prozac is finally kicking in. We have slept for three nights in a row. That is AMAZING!! After three weeks of basically no sleep, it feels good. 

The ducks and geese are eating as much as they can while the weather is good.

 This goose is so odd. I have seen it from a distance and finally brought my camera. The stay far away from us because Spur chases them every time. He gets a good workout and they get annoyed by him, but hey, he doesn't ever catch them. They give him a good work out! So, I was very far from this goose and didn't have anything to put the camera on and so my hands shook some. Zooming in is all well and good, but at a point you really need to stabilize the camera to get a really good shot.
 It is like a merle coloring!

Very unique!

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