Friday, November 9, 2012

ARGH!! I am SO frustrated with the vets

Trying to wrap my brain around why we need to measure the amount of water Colby is drinking. She has a very high BUN value with EVERYTHING else normal, including nothing on abdominal ultrasound, adrenal gland so small they couldn't even measure it, specific gravity of urine - normal, urine cortisol - normal. So, they want me to measure how much water she is drinking. She is drinking WAY more than she ever has. That won't be easy to do with two other dogs, but I can do that. However, when asked WHY the answer was......"because a certain amount is normal, but over that and she could have neurological issues causing it and not a behavioral issue causing it". Um, but we KNOW she is having behavioral issues, which is why all these tests, so it could just be behavior up to a certain amount and then it is neurological? How would they know by the measured amount that it is behavior or neurological???? Isn't the neurological consideration the cause of the behavior???? What am I missing??? I just had this conversation with the vet and we went round and round on it and could not get a clear answer and finally just said...."OK, thanks" and hung up. WTF? I understand they don't know what is wrong, but I am not understanding the reasoning for this particular test.

We still have the urine culture results to come in. Maybe that will show us something.

The consideration if it is neurological would be to do an MRI to look for a brain tumor. Um, OK, $3000 later and what if it IS a brain tumor. Surgery is probably not an option in most cases, it rarely is, so radiation? Really?? Chemo?? Really??? For what? A couple more months?

We took a beach walk today. She didn't seem happy. I wanted to leave her home, but Rich said take her, she might like it. The light was too bright, the rocks too plentiful. She didn't seem happy. She isn't happy much these days.

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