Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We had a lovely hike on Saturday!

It is my FAVORITE time of year and it has been so wet and rainy, but Saturday was awesome!!! We left the dogs at home, testing out a "house/pet sitter". Hard to find someone who can handle Roscoe and the horses and in general someone I can trust. Unfortunately, this didn't work out that well. She arrived late for our meeting and then was late feeding the dogs on Saturday. I know because I had a friend arrive to check in on things after our worry about her being late for our meeting. Darn. She is good with Roscoe, but other than that it isn't enough reason to give it another go. On goes our search for a house/pet sitter for when we both want to go away. :(

Anyway, the animals survived one night, so no harm done. Just disappointing. 

The Pin Heads could not have done this hike anyway. Too strenuous. Spur would have LOVED it. My legs did well, but I was surprised how the down hill made my thighs sore. I think of myself in such good shape, then I do this kind of a hike and it humbles me. Brings me back to earth, realizing my age. Damn it!!!

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