Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thanks Pepe'!

Roscoe, got it again!
P-U!!!! This little buggar was getting into our fully fenced yard, that also has electric wire all along the top, but it was squeezing in tiny little gaps that even Roscoe wouldn't try. We thought we had all those gaps tightened up, so now we think perhaps he/she is climbing the hydrangea plant and getting over? The one area we don't have electric fence along the top because it was burning the plant and we love that plant. After the offending event it hid in the window well. Rich tried to get it out this morning by hosing it, but nope the little buggar decided to just take just a nap. So, he left it a ramp. Recharging, I suppose!!! Awesome. 
I guess I will be cutting back that hydrangea and continuing the electric wire on that section. I don't know where else it is getting in. And, WHY??? We have a huge property with a lot of lawn for it to get grubs, OUTSIDE our fenced area!!!! I have a lot of candles going in the house right now, but the spray probably got on our grass and I was going to mow today. That is just going to disperse it even more!! OI!!! That is if it actually does decide to leave today and I CAN get out there to mow. The dogs are having to potty out front this morning. Damn it!

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