Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I LOVE the light this time of year!!

Our neighbor, Mary and her dog Pepper, had just been through on their walk. The dogs can smell Pepper and it always puts Spur's tail up on alert. His furry flag, waving his disapproval of Pepper's trespass!

 He sure has fancy pants, doesn't he??!! :D

 Look at that attitude! Standing as tall as his short neck will go. He doesn't have much of a neck.

 I LOVE this shot and might even have to blow this one up! It is so clear and the back ground so perfect. The light was just at it's best yesterday! He sure is a handsome dog!

 SO serious! So handsome!

 And then we have Rotten Roscoe! Hahahahaha, I love when I capture those ears in "motion". I actually think had Colby's ears not been cropped they would stand up like that all the time. She has much thicker "leather". Roscoe is SO fine, his fur is thin, his ear leather thin, so they flop over except for running around when they flop up and down!! LOL!! SO cute!

 I love the silhouette shots!! The glow of the fall light. I don't know why, but I do.

 The light glows a nice beard on Georgie!

 And when he was in the dried corn I thought the light was perfect. But, I failed to get just the right shot. He is so camouflaged in the dead corn! But, the light is awesome and I am going to try for another shot. I ended up with all but this one blurry.

 Trouble was I was trying so hard to get the right shot of George in the corn I stopped paying attention to what MY dogs were doing. Last I had checked they were hunting grasshoppers or rodents. No harm there. But............NOOOOOOOO...........this is what The Spur-minator was up to..........

 There was a full bath in his near future yesterday!!! Damn it! I had other things planned upon my return home!!

And a few of Roscoe.

Never did get a shot of Colby yesterday. I suppose I didn't try because in this low, bright light she squints SO much she looks to have no eyes. She only has one, but can barely see out of that one when the light hits her. Poor thing, it must just suck to go blind. I am sad for her.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love the one that you want to get printed - what a handsome boy!

  2. Thanks Catalina!! He sure is a beautiful dog!