Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another dog on drugs???

Poor Colby. Poor us. Little Miss Colby is having a melt down and we think it is because she is losing what little remained of her eyesight. She has cataracts and retinal atrophy and manages to get around OK, but more and more we see her struggling with seeing much at all. We are lucky our walks are on mowed paths so she stays on the path and can manage pretty well. But, around the house she gets nervous. Nervous about what I am not so sure. The other dogs running into her? The remote left on the couch and she lands on it when she gets up there? 

She is whiney and needy and paces and shakes a lot these days. And sleeping? Well, none of us are sleeping much. She sleeps about 3 hours, then wakes up and gets nervous. Shakes and paces and has had some accidents on the rug. It is the rug we bought cheap from Home Depot and it has a mat with a membrane, so it is a rug we expected some accidents, but this is starting to happen every night. So, we started putting her in an x-pen. That worked for about 4 nights, then she got upset. Scratching, whining, and none of us sleep through that. The last two nights one of us has slept on the couch with her. That's not much fun.

So, today I call the vet. I think she needs some medical help. Some anti-anxiety medication to help settle her down. Heck, if I lost nearly all my sight I think I might need some help. Sucks.......

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