Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oh, we seem to be on a downward spiral

This is the video of parts of the trial last weekend. Some good parts and some bummer parts. Me crashing into the jump and knocking the whole thing over just after he did his scary teeter sure hurt us. We have not had a really good class performance in a while. I just can't seem to get him into the game at class. Try as I might, we just are in a toilet flush. :P I need to regroup and make a plan. I already dropped out of Tuesday's class. There is only one more left anyway. Wednesday's class is my all time favorite. Wonderfully supportive group and GREAT fun, but he isn't all that happy there, either. He used to LOVE it there and worked great, but's really kind of a bummer. Usually I can see some good parts in my video from class, but last night I just deleted it all. He does his job, has good skills, but he isn't into it like I would really like. So, I don't want to practice this down performance. I need to change something. I may try bringing Roscoe and running a low jump course without the a-frame, have Spur watch me. Then try Spur on just a couple of jumps, working to get him INTO the game. I was thinking I would not have my friends cheer much, as that has worked some, but isn't working that well any more. Or everyone can cheer if he looks happy and into it? I am really grasping. I hate to stop going to class, but I don't want to practice this type of performance/feeling. I want him to be INTO it! Not just going through the motions because he is a good boy and well trained. I want him to WANT to do it.

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  1. Curses! Something always has to happen with the anxious dogs :(

    Vito is still having issues with getting excited for class. Some times he's a speed demon other times I think he mainly runs to make me happy. I'm trying really hard to stop caring and just toss all my expectations out. I'm still doing everything I can to get him crazy and am rewarding often, but I think we're doing better without the tiny pressure of my expectations. Sometimes that feels like I'm giving up, other time it feels like progress... He sure loves practicing by ourselves though!