Friday, October 26, 2012

Still not much sleep around here

We ran the blood tests and oddly she has a very high BUN. That is one of the kidney values. Curious thing, though, because everything else including the other kidney value AND her urine specific gravity are normal. Which means, I guess, not kidney disease. One thing would be dehydration. Hmmm, I think she is actually drinking more than normal lately. Or some sort of intestinal thing and the vet asked if I noticed dark, tarry stools or blood in her stools. Nope, normal stools. It isn't making much sense, so we are off today for an abdominal ultrasound. Hopefully, some answers.
She is STILL shaking and whining and pawing at us for attention. She wants in our laps constantly and it is extremely annoying. She barely settles or sleeps. This from a dog who was sleeping most of the day and certainly all night. She's 13 years old, old dogs sleep a lot. Now we barely make it 4-5 hours with her taking some xanax at night. :(
My vet also questioned her progressive retinal atrophy diagnosis as she could find no record of that in her files. This is a new vet who bought out my previous vet. I called the eye doctor we say in 09 and sure enough no diagnosis of PRA. She was diagnosed with iris atrophy. NOT something that causes them to go blind, just an old age symptom that can affect their eye sight. I found my handouts from my visit and sure enough I was given the PRA handout. ????? Rich and I both agree she is going blind and it has progressed a lot the last couple of months. So, my vet now says perhaps another visit with the eye doctor as maybe something else is going on. She bumps into things now if we leave something around the house where it wasn't before, like the vacuum, and she has trouble finding my hand with a treat in it when we are out on our walks. I asked our friends who walk with us and they all agree they notice her seeing less and less. It is all very odd.
Is this shaking and whining behavior, senility, or is she sick? Why the high BUN number? I need some answers along with some sleep!

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