Friday, November 11, 2011

Wow, where does the time go???

Is it just me or is this time of year hard to keep up with time? This week just flew by and I am SO far behind. OK, behind on shit like housework. But, that starts to irritate me. I like to keep up!

Had a full load of walks and the weather was SO good I think I spent a little extra time with each dog so I didn't get home as early as I usually do? That's my excuse anyway and I do think that's true. It was SUCH a nice week!!!!!

My walks have changes some and I am walking farther and harder now, which is awesome!!

I am also trying to do lots of training with Spur while we have the ground and light to do it. That will be lost soon.......Hello Winter.

My friend Mary had open heart surgery and I HAD to make sure to visit her because last week I had a little cold and sure didn't want to visit her then. Saw her yesterday for several hours and that was really nice. She is doing amazingly well!!!! Planning her next agility sessions already, good girl! Hard to keep and active girl down! Just amazing! She is bored and was happy for the visit. We talked dog training and dogs and training and dogs and more dogs and, well, we must have talked about something else, but I don't remember what????? Oh yeah, we watched some videos of dogs on my iPad. Dogs, dogs, dogs.

Laura, Lance and Vito!! - No worries about our start line. I am SO happy to have Spur doing so well I never get too bummed about our issues any more. I know we can work through them now!!! I didn't always know that, but I do know that now!!! He is SO resilient, it just amazes me!!! Good Little Monkey Pants!!!

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