Monday, November 14, 2011

Time sucking technology simply sucks time!!

I had the weekend "off". I had this list of things to get done on my first weekend off in months. I mean, this was a FULL weekend, two whole days with no trial, no matches, no jobs, NOTHIN'. I could get SO much done, right?
Um, way, what do I do instead??? Time suck, get sucked into cyberspace, iPad searches, video searches, making movies..........OMG.........I was about ready to smash my computer. OK, not really, I am not a violent person like that. Yeah, you might here me SCREAMING at my dogs like if they don't come the FIRST time I call them, I am going to KILL them, but really I have not killed my dogs, ever. I do think of it at times, like I say those words.........but, no, never have I done that. They all live long lives and die of natural causes, like heart disease or old age. Only two of my dogs have ever died. Well, yeah there were the dogs growing up, but only two of my adult life dogs have ever died.

I digress.........the weekend of catching up on my list of things to do. What did I do? My list -

*Wash windows (we have 43 true divided light windows, meaning a LOT of little panes of glass, both sides and the storms) - none got washed.

*Dremel Colby's nails - got that done!!!! :D

*Trim Jewel's feet - nope, didn't get done.

*Clean up all the gardens - Hmmmm, does it count that Rich did most of the ones in the front? I got half the vegetable garden done and that's not very much.

*Vacuum bedroom and wash sheets - nope, gonna have to do that today!!!

*Ride Jewel - nope, chose to go visit my friend Mary who is recovering from open heart surgery instead. Well worth not riding Jewel as I sure would want my friend Mary to come visit me in that situation!! Mary's doing GREAT! Gave her the last pumpkin whoopie pie that Rich was saving for himself. He thought I ate it and was pissed. Not sure he felt any better that Mary ate it. YUM!!! Thanks Kathy for making all those yummy pumpkin whoopie pies!!!

*Get the scooter running again. - Nope, it just stayed where it was, collecting dust.

*Vacuum the Cube - YEP!! Kind of got that done. I did the front and just what I could see in the back, which isn't much. But, that job is on the "done" list, really. I mean, no, I should have removed everything and vacuumed it all, but I didn't. So, shoot me!!!

That's it, that's all. What else did I do that took all my time - technology sucked!! Seriously, I decided to do some running dog walk work and film it. Rich, good man, helped me - with much begging. Then making ONE fucking movie took me an hour. It's a 1 minute movie!!! I was ready to kill my computer.

Then I had the brilliant idea to try my iPad to film. Wow, cool quality. Much better than I thought and way better than the camera. But, making a movie? Nope, there is that Apple proprietary issue. I need to spend another $50 to get the right app. They sure have that done. Suck you into their technology and your money right along with you........can you hear that sucking sound............ssssssssssssssssssssssssUCK!! I didn't give them my money........yet.

I leave you with something really cheery, so you aren't feeling that sucky feeling from all that technology sucking. One of my favorite scarecrows from around town. Love this gal!!! -

She's really COOL! And strangely flexible. I know I can't move like that!!!

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