Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chickens and a horse with hives!!

Look at this ingenious watering system!!! I think he could patent this!!!! The whole thing is on wheels! It's SO cool! Not sure it will work come winter, but I think come winter the chickens move to the hoop house?

This chickens are such cool colors. My cheap camera didn't focus well on them, but you get the idea. Very cool color patterns!!

And funny looking heads!
Poor Precious developed hives last weekend. Weird. She is getting benadryl and they are better, but they started oozing some. ICK! She seems unaffected. We are not sure why, perhaps mental. The stress of adding Jazz, even though it's been nearly two months. She's kind of a mental case. Lost some weight, gets all uptight and ears pinning a lot. Grumpy girl. A vet is coming in two weeks to check things out.

Found a headless hawk in the field last weekend. How strange is that??? The body was in perfect condition and no head to be found. It was in the open field. Aren't you glad I didn't photograph that??? LOL!!! My thought is another bird of prey attacked it and snapped it's head off. Do you think a crow could do that? If it grabbed the head and the hawks body just slung just right I think that seems possible? Or an owl? I don't know, it sure was strange. And why leave the body? A very eerie murder scene!!!!

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