Saturday, November 12, 2011

We have a new path!

The cows have taken over the back pasture. This is Bunny at the old path.

She is entertained by us and we are entertained by her!

Kind of looks like we are walking backwards.

Yes, this is a reverse photo log!!

We are on the other side of the rock wall now. It's a pretty little meadow, but not every sunny.

This is our new pathway into that meadow.
The dogs are STILL not sure why the cows are in the pasture. Notice Spur's tail all flagged up!!! And that would be Rosoce, ready to charge at a moment's notice. He did that once. We encountered baby Beacon loose in the sunflowers and came upon him by surprise, so he bolted down the path a little with Roscoe hot on his heels. :O Um, little Dude, chasing cows isn't in your Pin Head blood I don't think!

The shadow is funny. I looke like I am wearing a big skirting coat. No, just my three quarter length down coat, it was FREAKIN' cold that morning. The snow is all gone now and it's just WET out there.

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