Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The sunflowers again!

Remember the giant carbine?? I really should have put one of the dogs on it to show dimension. It's HUGE!

It looks like they tried to harvest the sunflowers. See the empty stalks on the right and the headed ones on the left?

Then maybe this happened............Oi! A planting experiment that didn't pan out? Not sure the deal, but I wonder if they simply need a smaller carbine? Is there such a thing? I should have asked Nick at the Harvest Dinner Friday night. But, we couldn't stay long as Rich wanted to go see an extreme skiing movie, so we had to sneak out after eating (Yummy roasted beet salad someone made with tons of fresh garlic - I ate TOO much).

One more reason my weekend didn't go as planned. Saturday morning The Spur-minator rolled in something SO stinky it nearly turned my stomach. Probably just fox scat, but who knows...........see on the left side of his neck a tiny smear of black shit! That stunk SO bad and was on his back, too.

Bathing Spur isn't easy, it takes time to get him fully wet. He's "waterproof". But, now he's squeaky clean and fluffy, but that was an hour I really didn't NEED to waste on Saturday.

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