Friday, November 18, 2011

The long and winding road

It isn't that long and it isn't that winding, but on film and in my head it is!! :D It takes us to the top of the knoll in the middle of the farm. Up there the dogs find it SO interesting. Rodent Town. I mean, there must be millions or rodents living up there.

The Pin Heads are too short to produce a shadow, but look at Spur's LONG shadow. Love the fall light.
Can you see the Pin Head butts?

Here is what they do at the top of the Knoll, Rotten Town. - They hunt.....
And hunt.......
And hunt......
They rarely catch anything, but the hunt is the purpose. I believe Colby feels it is HER purpose. Her whole reason for being. Hunting. Of course, she would LIKE to catch something, but the variable reinforcement schedule and jackpot makes the act of the hunt almost as reinforcing. Do I sound like a "dog trainer"?

Last night we dropped in at Rally class. We haven't been since the spring. Colby took a while to adjust her eye and remember her work. It's just very hard for her. Roscoe - what can I say, it is his thing. He was nearly perfect. He didn't forget one step, he is obedience KING of this household, for sure Such an oxymoron - Roscoe, obedience dog. Spur - needed some reminding, but he looked great!!!! He's so flashy!! Great fun, I only wish I had more time to go more often.

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