Thursday, October 10, 2013

Update on Jones RDW

This video is from a trial last weekend. He got all his DW's and did three at a match with a thrown toy. Looks like a dropped front foot, good little man! These are new to him and I always think a little remarkable since he does exclusively rear feet hits.

Yesterday I moved the DW. It was getting so that going towards the road he was looking directly into the setting sun and that's not fair and even dangerous. Now it has trees to shade the sun. It is a mirror image of the set up and interestingly he has trouble going the way it was easier before. Hmmmm, lead change issue? One side preference? Curious it looks like he changes to his left lead even when starting on a tight right lead turn. I haven't studied his lead preferences, so now I need to go back and see. His grey furry legs are hard to see on video. Spur's white socks made it very easy.

I sure am super proud of him!!! Making some really hard adjustments here!! I now have no doubt he knows his job. Wow, impressive!! :D

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