Friday, October 4, 2013

Trying again

Trouble posting photos makes it hard to blog. Since I seem to be all about photos! LOL!!

OK, I got these to load. Spur's morning exercise, flushing the birds from the farm. This day had geese, ducks and pigeons!

Notice the fog between the geese? That is the one on the left's breath! No kidding!
These are the pigeons. They give him the best run because they don't usually fly away, but fly in circles.

These are the ducks.

Miss Colby doesn't leave the couch any more in the mornings. She just doesn't want her morning walk. The light is too bright? I don't know, but we don't like taking her for a "drag", so we leave her be. She sleeps so soundly. I am sad for her, she really isn't that old for a small dog, but going blind diminished her a lot. It sucks............losing your sight is the worst.

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