Thursday, October 17, 2013

Feeling good about Mr. Jones!

We had a slight "bobble" for a few sessions. Odd, really, he started looking at me on the down ramp if I ran on his right and would leap. Not just missing, but leaping. It was odd. We went back and forth so he could understand the no reward vs jackpot for this for a few sessions. It wasn't really sinking in, so two days ago I set it up so that I could be WAY ahead of him, actually at the tunnel opening to prevent him from looking at me and to get him driving to the tunnel better. I also set up a short straight tunnel. It worked! So, yesterday I tried holding back just a bit and he was still driving to the tunnel and not looking back. In fact, we had our first 100% session, good boy!!!

And a few in real time because my mom complained on facebook about the slow motion voice. Hahaha, it is odd, but I don't know how to silence that.

Poor little Roscoe is feeling some pain. We don't know exactly what is going on because I am not spending $5000 on an MRI to know for sure. He is fine if he is moving around, by lying down causes pain. He can manage OK if he is on a flat bed, so we changed all his beds to square, flat beds and that helps. At night sometimes he cries in pain, poor little guy. We tried him on some NSAIDs and muscle relaxer and opiate and neuropain relieve, and daily cold laser, but he isn't any better. I am thinking take him off the NSAID and give him the four days "wash out" and then try prednisone. I feel bad for him. It sucks getting old.

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