Friday, April 26, 2013

Wow, look how big the polliwogs are!

I look in this pond every spring for frog eggs and never see them. Obviously, I look too late!! The ice left this pond only about 3 weeks ago! Holy smokes, the polliwogs are nearly sprouting legs already.  Their bodies are about an inch long and from nose to tail about 3-4 inches!! Well, of course, these are bull frogs!

 Peas are up!!! Yay! Such a happy sign!
 This was Sunday after mowing my yard for the first time! :D OK, well, just this small section, but I will need to do the whole thing tomorrow I think!!! Amazing this grass grows so well. This is right off the back patio where the dogs pee all winter. We get pee burn, but it fills in nicely and you hardly notice it already!

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