Monday, April 1, 2013

Fun trial!!!

I just love the 4pawrule trials! They run it SO well! All excellent classes are done first, with JWW as first class. That means we are done early! Home by at least 2:00 and off for a hike with the dogs, chores done around the house, a nice jog, groomed Jewel. It is SO pleasant like that! Plus, the entry fees are low. My favorite trials!

Spur ran great! Not super fast, but consistent and happy!! One time trotting in standard after the poles to the table. Not sure why he usually drives well to his table, he just never likes having to lie down. Which he doesn't have to do any more! Who knows, maybe my front cross was in his way? Anyway, he sure had a nice speedy a-frame and looked barky and very happy!!! :D

The only bummer about the weekend was someone witnessed Ken Fairchild abusing his dog. I saw the scene after and it looked pretty bad. The dog looked very unhappy and scared. Had I witnessed it he would have been written up to the trial committee and the police called. I am glad I didn't witness it, but the event stuck with me and it brings me to tears that someone would be mean to such a sweet dog. He is the biggest fucking asshole I know. I hate that man and I hate that he puts a downer on a fun event and I hate the he is ALWAYS at these trials and that witnesses do nothing and even other people will run his dog later because he is too upset. What is wrong with people? He is very disturbed and a creep and I am very sad for his dogs. If I ran a trial I would not allow him to attend.


  1. Why do you think that those that witness it do nothing? Why would anyone not be a savior for the dog when dogs can't save themselves, we're the ones that must do it for them. It's really a sad state of affairs when people turn their heads and do nothing while a dog suffers and especially time after time. I certainly hope that those who are tired of watching such things go on, get together and decide to make a difference in a dog's life (at least in the part of it that they can) the next time it happens. That's why there's a system set up for just such things.

    1. I will have my video camera ready next trial he is at that I attend. There are others who are ready, too.