Friday, April 5, 2013

Standing on his two hind feet

We have been working on Spur's balance, getting him to stand up on the log. He finally did it yesterday!! Amazing balance!!

 This was our final goal.............great strength!!.........
 This is what he kept wanting to do.......
 But, he figured it out!!!
 Pretty day yesterday!!!
 Hah, those ears!! They just get me!!!


  1. What a great trick! You should teach a foot stall now!!!

  2. A disc dog term for when you lie on your back and the dog jumps up on your feet/foot that is in the air. then the dog can do tricks on your feet such as standing up or begging :)

    1. OH, I have not taught that. Right now we are working on the towel flip over the head, but that is slow going.

    2. I wanted to teach that trick but got stuck. Lance has such a great hold that he wouldn't offer any movement at all with his head. I'm currently trying to teach him to shake his head no though so that might help.
      Vito would offer his "crazy" trick but that's more thrashing of the towel...