Monday, April 8, 2013

Funny little guy

I actually really like this NQ run. I like how he is fast off his start, squirming in my arms to GO! Then his a-frame is LOVELY!! You can't see, but it is a beautiful hit and he so lightly soars the apex! The about turn off the teeter sucks. I hate such a set up. In fact, I hate the table after the teeter in any location. But, what Spur wants most is to GET AWAY from the recoil of the teeter, so he pretends there is a tunnel under the DW. LOL!!! That would be his favorite. His table fault is all related to his worry about the teeter. He just wants to get away from the damn thing. I love how he dives into his weaves and is fast. Then I kick the number at the second to last jump and poor guy frets about that. Oi!!!! But, the crowd cheering sure perks him up!!! He loves his fan club!!

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