Saturday, April 13, 2013

Some videos

Roscoe's limping is coming along. I am kneeling now. My goal is to stand, but we had to work on him staying in stand position so much at first because he knows paw lift in sit position already, so his default was to sit. As I rise he wants to sit more and more to be able to look up. So, me raising up to a stand is going to take some time. I am happy that his paw doesn't hit the ground each time I click now and he even holds it for a bit before the treat is delivered. We are getting there!!!

Spur's class work this week. He kept sucking into the tunnel and I can see my verbals "run, run, run" for the a-frame is WAY late. I need to be saying it as soon as he is committed to the push jump before. He loves his tunnels. I do love his speed this night, he was diving into his weaves, which is really nice. He is getting more and more comfortable about that. He is often so careful to get his entries, which is nice, but it slows him down so much. This footing is a little hard for him, he does slip some.

Only two more classes at this place, which is sad. It is a nice BIG space and only 20 minutes from home. Even with the slippery footing, at least when the weather is crappy we can do agility in a big space and that is really nice. Sucks. We SO need an indoor facility around here!!!

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