Monday, March 2, 2015

Rotten Roscoe gets to GO!!!

Been a rugged winter for a 16 year old MinPin. He doesn't celebrate the snow like Spur does! He can manage if the trails are WELL packed and it isn't too cold. Well, when you get snow every other day the trails don't stay packed for long. And it has been too FUCKING COLD! So, poor buggar stays home. He SO wants to go and is trying to bolt out the door, I have to give him a big cookie to eat or stuffed kong every time we head out without him. I could take the time to get him to the bark, ........ if I HAD the time. So, yesterday we had several days without snow and several times the snow mobile had been through, so it was pretty well packed. COLD, but I thought I would try the booties on him. He hates to be touched, so putting them on is a challenge, but he was actually quite good about it. :D

So, off we went!! Crazy buggar was SO happy!!! We didn't go that far, but far enough for him to get out and feel included and I think he seemed pretty happy about it!

Spur, on the other hand is LOVIN' the snow!! Our hikes have been spectacular!' The snow is perfect and even though it is cold we manage fine!!! The balloon booties are a life saver, keeping the snow balls from forming and keeping some warm in. Yesterday morning, though, I thought it was cold enough for a coat and the MuttLuks. We normally wait for it to warm up some, but my friend had things she had to do, so off we went. Spur did great and the MuttLuks stayed on!'! They are not quite as secure as the balloon booties, but this time we never lost one!! HE doesn't seem to walk funny in them like Roscoe. he just runs along like he isn't even wearing them.

I only have photos of him in the balloon booties today, though.

Tess in her coat and balloons, she is such a super model!!! Yeah, six legs here, Spur was right on her heels!!!!

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