Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring is coming, right"???

I I am REALLY missing my agility yard!!!

It is STILL covered with about two feet of snow!!! Been driving to Raymond to rent a facility to train and that is getting old!!!! 
I know, just a few more warm days and the grass will appear, but it seems like it is taking FOREVER!!!!

Yes, The winter has been beautiful and times......

Spur has loved it!!! Hiking at Sugarloaf has been stunning, really.

A pleasure to be deep in the woods where we don't run into idiots with unruly dogs charging us, like we sometimes do around here.

I say that now because our local trails are becoming more and more popular and people are not so good at keeping their dogs respectful. One of our local areas even shut out off leash dogs due to too many issues. Well, duh people, you let the dogs be unruly and you lose their off leash privileges. it's that simple!!! One guy let his two big labs charge us and slam into us a couple weeks ago. I said...."Why do you let them do that"" and he asks me what I wanted him to do about it. Um, really?????? DONT LET THEM DO THAT!!! Seriously, dude, have a CLUE!!!! He looked at me like I grew horns. 

I don't really understand why people think that is OK????

I made some notes to leave on cars in the lot at these trail heads. The adventure dog walkers got pissed and defensive. Oi!!!! Really????? Might be time for them to start doing the same thing!!! Help be part of the solution and try to educate people. But, no they just don't seem interested in that sort of the. I have been charged and barked at by dogs in the hands of these adventure walkers and it's starting to piss me off!!! My friends are bitching to me about them, but I don't know them. Sucks they are causing issues like this!!!! I have only run into one adventure dog walker who had his dogs in good control. He should be showing the rest of them how it's done!!!!

How do we explain to our dogs when we lose our off leash areas? We ARE losing these places more and more. Buck up, people and stop being so irresponsible!!!!!

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