Monday, March 9, 2015

Last week's practice!

(Huh said this never published? It was from March 9)
Went much better! Right away he was more into it! The DW was set up so I could toss a ball for him after and he LOVED that. Great way to warm up and get him into the game better. Then we tried 8", then 10" , the 12". I only put out the double this time and, as per my usual idiocy, I forgot his new spread cue.

Plan this week will be to do pretty much the same thing, only try this time to make sure to use my spread cue, do 8" and then 10". Not do 12" for now. And try the triple. Silvia suggested to try the double after the DW because it was the triple after the DW into the crowd that he knocked at one trial. That was a VERY unusual set up to see, so I want to try to set that up and be sure to cue it so he isn't surprised.

We had an AWESOME weekend at the ski condo!!! Lots of friends there, lots of partying, playing card game (Cards Of  Humanity) and both dogs did GREAT! Even Rotten Roscoe did very well. I think it was so crowded and so many people that he just couldn't keep up with his Rottenness! :D I think he even endeared himself to some of my friends who are not even dog people. Silly little dog, why do people get so fascinated by him??? And his rottenness. Spur was a HUGE hit and so cute right in the middle of it all!!! The condo is small, so space is cramped, but he did great!! We even did a hike on Sunday and he LOVED that! And before that we marched over to the base for coffee just to "take in the scene" as my friends said. That was a LOT for Spur, kids and people skiing around, the coffee shop is about 200 sf - TINY little place and he wanted to march right in and say HI to everyone. He was a big hit with his tiny toes in his red balloons! :D

My friends!!!! Beautiful trail!!!

He really does enjoy being social!!! Both dogs were pretty mentally exhausted. Which is good, little Roscoe has not had much activity lately, so this was good for him. Some excitement, even if he didn't get much exercise. Tough winter for a tiny little 16 year old!!!

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