Thursday, February 19, 2015

Finally loaded some video

They put new rubber flooring at the Rainbow room and Spur seems to like it!! Not as much stutter stepping and no knocked bars. Much faster in weaves, too!!! Good boy!!!

We haven't trialed much this winter as the storms have kept us home. UGH! Hoping to get to one on Saturday and possibly Sunday. Although, another possible storm on Sunday. OMG, it is unbelieveable. Over 5 feet of snow since the first of the year. That's a LOT of snow! Boston has over 7 feet. Eastport Maine over 10 feet. Goodness!!! If it all melts at once, we will be in trouble, but yesterday was nearly 35 and it shrunk considerably and melted some. Days like that help a lot. Slow, steady melting. That's my plan. :D Really, really looking forward to seeing some grass. It wouldn't be so bad if only the mountains were getting as much, but they are not. And it is TOO cold there for much of anything. Hoping that will change and we can finally get some skiing in!!


  1. Love watching your handling! So motivating for him!

  2. Thanks Laura, The Corgi, Toller and Duck!! But, unfortunately things have deteriorated lately. I'll post some video when I get time. He is doing some terrible stutter stepping now and looking pretty bummed. I actually took him off a jumpers run he was so down on Sunday. Will be getting a vet check up, but I don't think it is physical.
    Gotta go check your blog. I haven't had time for blog reading, so don't even know who Duck is! :D

  3. So sorry :( The Corgi stutter steps, but he's always done that and I couldn't find any physical issue. Helped a bit with a jump program that focused on landings vs take off points.

    But since this is so new with Mr. Spur, maybe he just needs a good chiro adjustment!
    The Duck is baby toller. Replacement baby toller actually. She's 4.5 months old now :)