Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Another paint night!!!

I didn't  do as well with my painting. I forgot the photo to use as guide and had to use another and struggled, but it was SO fun again!!!

Here is Lizzie doing Moose and the painting of Colby. It came out OK, but I want to try to fix it better when I get a chance.

Been SO busy digging out from piles of snow!!! Becoming a bit annoying, but we are having fun snow shoeing when we can. SO pretty in the fresh snow, but, um, FIVE feet is enough!!!!

Did a team trial last weekend. Stuck in a major snow storm and had a brutal drive home, Would have stayed but they said the next day would be worse. They were wrong, we should have stayed!!! Two hour drive took over four hours!!!! team WON!!!!! I didn't stay for the usual group photos so I could get on the road.

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