Sunday, November 2, 2014

OK, so a tech I am NOT!!!!

My friend suggested I pay the $100 for the unlimited istore guru advice. I am not hesitant because, well, .........I hate that stuff. I mean, really, I have limited time in my life for stuff as it is, why would I make appt. to spent time doing stuff I don't like. ????? well, the answer would be to give me MORE time, right? So that I am not spending my time trying to figure stuff out for myself. OK, maybe I will do that.......later. I am a PROcrastinator!!!!!

I love the technology I have.......for some stuff. Making training videos, taking photos, playing games and watching videos. But, it does sometimes seem to suck my time into outer space, gone with the wind, time I will never get back. Time spent doing NOTHING!!!!!!

Oh well, with the help of technology (I had to look up the M logo), I made a fun Halloween costume for a party last night!! BIG hit at the party!!!! everyone thought it was so cool and loved to bounce into me! At the end of the night I want to stab the balloons one at a time and have others help. Hah, Rich AND the hostess wouldn't let me!!! WHY!!!! like I was going to save it?????? Nah, I had to pop the balloons today anyway, would have been fun to pop them at the party. 

poor Roscoe had to endure a photo! He was so intrigued by the costume, I finally put it over his head, silly dog!!!!

The balloons were attached with safety pins to a big t-shirt. the M was made with a template and spray paint. It really was fun!!!!!

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