Friday, November 28, 2014

I am going to try somethign different

I am just becoming a total computer LOSER. It just seems I can't get ANYTHING to work right. This computer is so old and full, I can't load any more photos here. So, my photos are all on my iPad or iPhone or laptop. But, my iPad is SO hard to type on. I am a pretty fast typer, on a decent keyboard. On an iPad or lap top I seem to be all thumbs. So, anything of any length I want a good keyboard. I will try to make my post on my desk computer, then I can go to my iPad or laptop and add photos from there? I don't see why that won't work.

Not that I have new photos to share. I don't. I just haven't had any decent photos to share, honestly. We have a ton of bluebirds hanging around, but I don't think I will get any better photo of them than what I have now already. And, now we have snow I am tempted to take photos of Spur racing through the snow. But, I have a ton of those photos.

And, honestly, I have just been TOO DAMN busy! The weather was SO good there for a while. Absolutely, fabulous fall!!! Tons of hiking and playing agility and gardening. It really was a spectacular fall. The trails were nice and the footing was awesome.

Well, in the blink of an eye that ALL changed with about 7" of heavy snow. It damaged the horse fencing. It nearly collapsed one of my tunnels. It covered all my agility jumps. It frost solid and heavy on the cars. I wasn't ready. Should have been ready. It IS that time of year, maybe a we bit early, but it is nearly December. It's just that last year we had this same situation. Early snow that NEVER left. I don't want THAT again. I want THIS snow to leave and give us a few more weeks of bare ground.

We made it through another Thanksgiving. It was great fun, awesome food, a LOT of driving, a dog bite (not MY dog, not me bitten), kids everywhere, we made it. Yeah, someone got bit breaking up the two dogs fighting. These two had not met before and one is not a nice dog. She really should have been kept away during dinner clean up, but she arrived and decided to KICK ASS on the resident ancient lab. Oi! Someone stepped between them and got bit. I can't believe I had to presence of mind to be sure to grab a hind let and put in circles, but I did and it worked, but not before someone got bit. It wasn't horrible, some breaks in the skin, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I said.............Oh dogs, they can be such assholes. But, hey kids fight and sometimes bite, too. She, MY kids don't bite. OK, so yeah, right they don't, but I was just trying to make her feel better. It was HER dog who started it. I simply reveled in that it wasn't MY dog. LOL!! For once, MY dog wasn't the "bad" dog. YAY!!!

So, remember that, grab the dog by the hind leg and pull in a circular motion. That prevents the dog from turning around and biting you. They end up having to stay on their front feet too much. And then once the fight is broken up the dog you have by the hind legs will usually calm down.

OK, so I am going to the Muse Paint bar in a couple weeks and I need to decide which photo to use?

I love this photo, but he looks so serious and one side of his face is dark.....

This one is nice,but his eyes seem squinty?"....
Love this one, but will it look funnyin a painting?.......

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