Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stuck in computer hell!!!!

It really does seem like hell sometimes!!!! I have trouble with my ancient computer, so I get a laptop and can't get that to work. My ever trusty iPad is now giving me fits. WTH!!!!!! 

But, hey, these are minor issues. We are not cold or hungry, have Ebola, or the flu. But, I still want to complain. I mean, today my keyboard locks up. New batteries, so it isn't that. Ugh. The worst part is all this techno trouble is SO time consuming. I sit and wait for sites to load, or my forms library to open, or a word document to open......wait, wait, and wait some more. I am tired of waiting on a computer.

I am currently "attending" Silvia Trkman's online agility class with a friend's dog and want to post videos. But, after all the time it takes to make the videos and load them to the classroom I have no patience any more to make blog posts!!!!! ARGH!!!

So, for now settle for a few photos. -

poor Roscoe must have gotten the sun in his eyes and ran into a jump. Then summersaulted, a MinPin lawn dart!!!!!

Spur, working hard to keep up with Tess. He actually does a pretty good job!!!

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