Tuesday, August 26, 2014

OH my!!!! It has been almost a month!!!

Let me start by saying as a kid I hated August! It was too got, too busy, too much work needed to be done, too many visitors!!! Family events, weddings, parties, tourist customers to the farm stand, august could suck!!! and as an adult......well......it is a little bit the same. sure Maine is very,very pretty in August, but it is also very, very busy!!! family, weddings, parties, tourists and customers, not much has changed!!!!

I also feel the need to pack it all in because.......well....winter is coming. :O There is no getting around it. tonight it was dark by 8:00. Wimter is coming. I really don't even mind winter,but there is a lot I like about summer. It is just August I don't necessarily like. I feel rushed and pressured to make the most of it. In the winter I can just light the woodstove and settle in at 4:00 when it is dark! There is something just fine about that!!!!

so, what have I been doing????? holy smokes, packing it in!!!! hiking across the street has been remarkably good!!! Few bugs, plenty of cool new trails!!!! Roscoe has joined every hike and done amazing!!! The damn dog is in as good shape as he has ever been!!!!! 

He did stay home Saturday for our boat adventure to Jewel  island. that was FUN and a very special day!!!!

spur got to go and his new girlfriend Tess!!!! We had a blast hiking and swimming!!!!

My flowers have been truly spectacular this year. We even threw a big party. Most of our friends came. some were away and couldn't come. August is busy for everyone!!! some didn't come just cuz and they missed out!!!! Some didn't come because we missed them on the invite. damn it I just can't keep everyone straight any more. after 50......OK , after menopause.....the memory and organizational skills struggle. damn it!!!! do I need to start doing daily crossword puzzles??? I think maybe!
Truly spectacular year for my flowers!!!!

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