Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wow, epic work weeks lately!!!!

It got me thinking if I could keep this up during the winter? I do have one dog dropping put in two weeks due to mom home with a new baby and not needing me regularly. But, still I seem to be maxed out plus extra vacation sits for kitties. Great money. Glad to be busy, but damn.........I need to catch up!!!!

In laws coming next week, so that doesn't give me much time. sigh.........

Well, at least the house will get clean next week with company coming. This week I let it go a bit. Hah, needs some attention. 

The gardens and birds and trails and water beckon, so the house chores get put on the back burner.

Yesterday was my chosen day for Spur's birthday. ACK, he is now SEVEN!!!! Damn, that went by fast!!!!

Such an awesome little guy. Always smiling that sweet smile!!!!! He has turned into the greatest little dog!!!!!

Until her does this.........

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