Wednesday, August 6, 2014

25 years!!

Marraige is a difficult thing! But, worth all the hard work, if you like living with someone! I do, I don't want to live alone even though I very much enjoy and appreciate my alone time. I want company most of the time! That is why I am married!!!! It isn't the easiest thing in the world, though. Many people I know don't make it in marriage and , well, I can not say if that is good or bad, but one thing I know........working at a relationship helps a person learn how to relate. It just does!!!! Trying to treat a spouse like you treat your friends is thoughtful. not easy, but worth the effort because if you can be good at a Marraige you can probably be good at friendships, too. I hope, anyway.

I often feel very selfish and self absorbed. I think it is human nature, but a Marraige can't live when one person is completely self absorbed!!!! You have to share. Sharing and thinking of some one other than yourself makes for a stronger Marraige. I had to work hard these 25 years, but I am glad I did. Now to make it continue on and be happy is the key. we shall see!!! I hope it continues!!!!

some photos....a cute little hummingbird.....

My beautiful oriental lily that waslanted two years ago. WOW!!!!

The strange and smelly cleome.....

The patio lit up at night. So peaceful and inviting!!!!

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