Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We got her plaque!!!

and it is perfect. I am still SO terribly sad and miss her SO much. I just can't believe what a presence she had and how much a part of our lives she really was. she was SO special.

The bane of our existence!!! LOL!!! We are not sure if this is tom or Jerry - who would be Jeraldine because she is a girl, not a boy as first thought. Notice who is on a leash!!!???? 

there are now five babies. they are so stinkin cute!!!!!

The bluebirds now have babies and are very busy feeding.

the cliff swallows arrived to find their home occupied and after some "discussions" they are now checking out the new house.  That would make me very happy!!! They are not as shy as the blue birds.
We also have arrow babies on another house, but it has been decided those are "ghetto" birds. so, we have the high rent district and the ghetto now in our yard. I guess we will call the phoebes in the barn middle class. 

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