Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Bahamas!!!

We saw very little wildlife. FISH galore, but not many birds or other animals. Little lizards with curly tails here and here, but that was about it.

But there were fish!!!!!! We tossed them organic waste, our eggshells and such.

Down the road a house had an amazing gazebo with nick backs and art that was SO cool. We wanted to trespass and have cocktails there and watch the sunset, but we chickened out.

Besides we had our own deck to watch the sunset and have cocktails!!!! and snorkel to our hearts content!!!! every day snorkeling right off the deck!!!!
A barracuda followed Rich home one time!!!! :O

Can you see it in the upper right corner????

Boats anchored out front and we all watched the dolphins swim past!!!!

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