Sunday, June 15, 2014

So I sit in an airport waiting to get home

Flew to the Bahamas in a small plane with hubby!!! It took two days as we stopped to visit friends and just to enjoy our freedom. flying to the Bahamas was amazing and terrifying and incredibly interesting. Hubby's skill is a seriously mind boggling consideration. listening to all the air traffic control and radio waves of confusion and making it sound easy and flawless just had my mind spinning. Or maybe that was the Valium.

The Bahamas are dreamlike!!! We land and look around at our unfettered travel and smile at each other. We smile at the security guards who tell us we parked the plane in the wrong spot. They smile back and nod and say it's OK and just leave it there. We do. Filled out our customs reports and paperwork with no one else around. Walk to the rental car and drive off!!!! To a house ON the water! fish swimming all around!!! Slap on the snorkeling gear we found in the closet and go find Dory!! You know, the yellow fish from Finding Nemo? I saw HER!!!!! OMG!!!!!

We could look down off the deck and see Dory!!!!!

And so much more!!!!!

Read all the pamphlets we could find at the house and learned there was a parrot preserve on the island!!! WHAT???? How much better does it get????? We make plans to head out there in the morning. 

Drove out the next morning on the most boring road you can imagine. Nothing to look at, just trees and brush. For MILES!!! We drive 35 miles of nothing and never saw any signs for this parrot preserve. NOTHING!!! we get to the end of the island and never saw this "parrot preserve, open from dawn to dusk and free admission". The most we saw was this sign......

This was the only parrot we ever saw!!!!!! The locals we asked had no idea, either!!!!! Drove back, making one small detour to Pete's Pub for lunch. 11 miles off the beaten path. 

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