Friday, May 30, 2014

She didn't make it to 15

She came from a puppymill in MIssouri and was sold to a college kid from a pet store in RI. She had too much energy and was too busy for him once he got back to school and he learned he made a bad decision and gave her to rescue. I asked for a large Min Pin and I guess she was, but she sure seemed tiny to me!!! she was a good age, 5 1/2 months and was a precious little spit fire!

She ran and ran and ran and hunted everything. Recalls were a challenge, but she was very smart and learned quickly. We would take her hiking in the white mountains, but occasionally she had to be leashed. She was fabulously athletic and fast.

She loved to train obedience and was a great agility dog. My first MACH dog. In fact, she was the first MACH dog my instructors students had ever had. even before any of her dogs had a MACH. 

She LOVED to hunt and eat grasshoppers and could do that in late summer all day long, even nearly blind. 

She had a presence about her that was strong and intense. She ruled the house, but never fought with the boys.

Hiking was one of her favorite things to do and she could go for miles!!!!

Baby Colby 5 months.....

With both eyes!! I hit her in the eye with a ball and that eye ended up removed. THAT sucked!!! She was going blind anyway. What a horrible fate for an busy,malt hectic dog. Her health was always a struggle,she had allergies, a bad knee, mast cell tumor, horrible Lyme. she struggled with health issues her whole life, but it never slowed her down much.

She continued to hike and hunt with limited vision

I can't believe how empty the house is now. She was small, but she was a powerful presence. Rich insisted we get a stone or plaque for her.None of the others, except Gabe, had more than a stone. we had a white marble plaque made. she is buried with Gabe and Trudle on the edge of the agility yard. I forgot to bury her precious ball with her, so yesterday I tucked it in under the sod above her. It was the only ball she liked and outlived her, amazingly!!!! It was gross and cracked and worn, but STILL squeaked!!!!

She was the hardest ever to let go, but we did not let her linger long. She had stopped eating much last week and was obviously not comfortable.

It sucks.........she should have lived a lot longer..........

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