Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So on facebook there is this list!

A numbers game. I think it is GREAT fun and the idea is to put out there things about yourself that you think no one knows. I am reading some very funny and interesting things about my friends. And supposedly if you "like" the comment/list from that person they will then in turn give you a number to make your own list. Huh, I have liked quite a few and, yet, no one has given me a number. :O I must be REALLY boring!

So, as I walked dogs today I kept thinking what my list would be? Damn, it sure would not be as interesting as some of my friends. Heck, one person said she rode a roller coaster with Steven Tyler from Aerosmith once. What????

One thing that is a common thread is how many people are adopted. I never knew that about these people. That's pretty cool.

OK, so here is my list. I think it is dreadfully boring, but I couldn't think of anything more exciting or interesting. How sad is that? Or maybe how good is that!!! My life is pretty charmed. I am still waiting for someone on facebook to give me a number. It was quite hard to come up with this many things, so if I get a bigger number I am in trouble. That is supposing I actually DO get a number from someone. Maybe it has more to do with me not being very private, so no one really thinks they will see some great epiphany about me. I am NOT an enigma. I pretty much put myself out there and tell you how I feel about things. Most of my friends already know most of these things about me. Hmmm, yeah, not very interesting! Outhouse, party line, animals, life growing up.

Maybe I will modify this list and eventually recall some fabulously stunner of a fact about myself by the time I get a number and everyone will be all........."Oh Wow, what an interesting life!"........."Geez, you really are so cool".........."Who would have thought you lived such an interesting life!".........."You are inspiring and amazing"............hmmmmm...........probably not. My list will get responses like..........."Oh, that's nice".

My list  -

1 – I once had mice, gerbils, turtles, fish, cats, a dog, a pony, goats, chickens, rabbits, parakeet and guinea pigs all at the same time to take care of at home. My parents were very understanding.
2 – when I was 12 years old we moved to Maine without hot running water or central heat. That means an outhouse. I had to shower at school.
3 – my dad’s nickname for me is Moldy because I “ate so much and put it all over my head it must have molded” and he still calls me Mold today.
4 – my childhood dogs were lhasa apso and border collies and my first dog as an adult was a Siberian husky.
5 – I am completely tone deaf. I can’t even sing Happy Birthday.
6 – I like cheese more than any other food and as a kid would read a book about mice eating cheese while I ate cheese. I pretended to nibble it as if I were a mouse.
7 – I won awards for gymkhana with my horse (pole bending and barrel racing, etc.) and did it with a plain snaffle bit.
8 – My favorite childhood stories were made up by my grandfather about Biffy Boo, a dog who walked on his tail, and his pal Emmy Lou, a girl who walked on her head. They had some troubles getting around.
9 – in high school we had a party line phone. That means two other neighbors shared our line. Can you imagine!!???
10 – I hiked the Knife's Edge and Angel's Landing and most recently the Duomo in Florence (almost as scary!!!).
11 – I sure don’t feel as interesting as everyone else.


  1. Well I am not on facebook so your facts seem SUPER interesting to me!!! How do other people do gymkhana?

  2. Kelly, most people do gymkhana with some sort of pain inducing device/bit. The horses are in a pretty high state of excitement and most people can't control them without a stronger bit. I don't think I ever saw anyone use a plain snaffle. Plus, my horse would walk out of the ring on a loose rein, which was also not normal, LOL!!! She had the ability to power up and power down so nicely without losing her mind. She was a good horse, but she had horrible feet, so I ended up giving her to a young girl to learn on.

    OK, so here was Roma's list.....
    1 - Although born and raised in NYC, I grew up speaking English as a second language. My first language is Ukrainian. Languages have come very easily to me and I am fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish and conversant in Polish. I can understand all Slavic languages.
    2 - I love soup, all soup, any time, even in the sweltering heat of summer.
    3 - I held several US and international patents in polymer technology which are expired now.
    4 - I dislike my first name. I spent my childhood introducing myself and having everyone's reaction being either one of confusion or mispronouncing it (Rhonda, Rona, Wilma, Mona …). I am a little more at peace with it now.
    5 - My first pet was a parakeet named Sonchyk, which is Ukrainian for sunny. He was yellow. As a kid, I also had a Mini Schnauzer named Sirka and two cockatiels names Woton (inspired by Wagner's "Der Ring des Nibelungen") and Coco. Then I became a workaholic until I impulse purchased a Rough Collie puppy at a pet bazaar when I was living/working in Kyiv, Ukraine. I named him Nestor after Nestor Machno, the 19th century Ukrainian revolutionary (he's on wikipedia in case you are interested). Then came Boulder, Miao Miao, Pebbles, Winkie and now Hurricane.
    6 - I hated the two years I spent at Harvard Business School getting my MBA. I realized I was not motivated by power, money nor the need to conform. But it opened a lot of doors and led to some exciting adventures, so in retrospect, I am glad I did it.
    7 - My husband and I met in a hot tub in Franconia the winter before the Old Man of the Mountain fell off the mountain. Bode Miller's mom was waitressing at the Inn we were staying at. Robin thought I was an ass, then he saw me in the hot tub and liked my ass. The rest is history.
    8 - I was born with a full head of jet black hair. When I was a few months old it started growing out blonde and my mother had people accuse her of dying her baby's hair. My mother got very upset about this, which says a lot about my mother.
    9 - I am cofounder of a nanotechnology company specializing in coatings and born out of MIT's Chemical Engineering Department, which I phased out of 9 years ago. I am still a shareholder and someday, if/when they go public, I will build an amazing dog agility/training center. Until then, I will continue shlepping my jumps and tunnels in my minivan to various grassy areas in the greater Boston area.
    10 - In 1999, when I was living in London, I hopped on my bike and cycled to Paris with my boyfriend. London to Dover. Ferry from Dover (England) to Dieppe (France). Dieppe through Brittany & Normandy into Paris. The whole trip took about 10 days. We ate a lot of cheese, drank a lot of wine, then we fought and broke up. I didn't care because I met up with my good friend Peter instead. Ce la vie!

    1. Hmmmm, I see what you mean...Maybe you should have added that you have really cool heating disks for your barn cats and that you have the best Trkman inspired RCs in Maine, and that you have a sail cloth over your patio and that you used to organize a yearly costume party for Min Pin rescue-yeah! You could rock a list like nobody's business!!! :) Love, Kelly and Pruli