Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jones RDW sessions

We have had some doubters out there making comments. I posted this on facebook and someone piped up about how he missed a contact at a trial. He actually did NOT miss it and the person couldn't even see it because it was facing the back wall. The course was an about turn back to a tunnel under the DW and because we haven't trained that he was driven straight off, then turned and because he wasn't totally sure where to go next he was given a refusal at the tunnel. A crappy call, for sure as he definitely wasn't refusing the tunnel. Anyway, people LOVE to doubt RDW training. I got it all the time, probably more so, with Spur. Less doubters now that people are succeeding with it more and more, but still there are those who LOVE to make negative comments. Jones is pretty much in his infancy in his training and I could not be more proud of him. He is ROCKING it!!!

One doubter even said something about........."good luck if there isn't a tunnel at the exit". OK, how about THIS..........

He is actually better without a tunnel, but we are working on driving to the tunnel anyway as he often has great success to a straight tunnel, but not so much to a curved tunnel. To a jump, he is obviously fine! And even to a 90 degree turn. A 180 turn is a different story, so that we still need to train. And we need to train indoors. That is a big part of the puzzle, for sure, but much more time consuming.

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