Friday, November 22, 2013

I entered Westminster

Yep, you read that right. This year, for the first time ever, they are offering agility. It will be limited to 480 runs and is a random draw opening. Meaning they will take entries and then, I guess, they shuffle them together and open the first 480? I don't really know how random draw works, but I guess we have as good a chance getting in as anyone else.

What the hell, why not? I think it could be wicked fun! Although I seriously get kind of ill looking at the absurdly fat and misshapen breed dogs when ever I watch it on TV, but how fun would it be to show in that setting. Spur would LOVE it! All the excitement and crowds!!! He thrives in that scene. And, hey, he could end up a top mixed breed if not many mixes make the draw. How cool would that be?? :D

Of course, if we do get in we have to go to NYC in February. Ugh. That could suck, or it could be wicked fun!!! Stay tuned! The draw occurs sometimes in December, like the 20th I think?

Did a little big of RDW training yesterday after training Jones. Boy did Spur seem SO slow compared to Jones. Silly thing, he was actually pretty fast. 1.7 seconds and Jones was 1.4. Amazing how much faster .3 seconds is. Spur is normally 2 seconds. Sometimes faster at home, but rarely faster at trials. Sometimes even 2.2 seconds at trials. So, his 1.7 seconds yesterday was pretty fast for Spur. :D He sure is getting some nice hits lately!!! As he is faster his hits are deeper. Good Little Monkey Pants.

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  1. I'm impressed they're allowing mixed breeds :) Should be a fun event!

    Dogwalks look good!