Monday, August 5, 2013

Trial report!

We haven't done AKC in a while, maybe a month? Spur was very happy back at this site. It is very small and crowded and he loves it! Go figure! The 12" class was the biggest class this weekend, strangely enough. Sometimes at this location the 8" class is the biggest, but most times the 20" class is the biggest. Anyway, Spur broke 4 YPS in standard for a third place behind two national champs. :D His JWW he placed 2nd only to Jones, our 2nd place national champ. That felt good, but it wasn't the 5 yps we like, it was only 4.5 yps, but still a very nice run with four blinds. All blinds and that's how Spur likes it. Everyone ooded and ahhed about the blind before the weaves, but the blind in the opening was just the same. Everyone front crossed the opening turn, but that just caused people to go in between 2 and 3 and made their dogs jump 2 wide.

Fun day, done before 12, so we had a nice afternoon at home.

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