Friday, August 2, 2013

He is working it out!

Two days later we try again. Interesting!! He is working it out!! What you will see is he is figuring out a 2, 3, 2 pattern. His third hit on the top plank is nearly ON the second apex, but still this is a hit pattern with one less hit than he has done his WHOLE RDW career!!  He has had a consistent RDW his whole career and always a 2, 3, 3, pattern with the exception of a no speed start and then it will be 3, 3, 3. I trained him at home on a 10″ wide, sanded DW.
With this new 12″ wide, rubber planked DW he is obviously feeling more confident and finding a new speed! I actually think it is a more natural/comfortable pattern for him as he really had to adjust the other way. But, I probably am not going to see this pattern at trials and honestly I am not even sure what to do about it? I’ll be curious to see what Silvia says. Going the other direction on this new DW he sticks with his old pattern.

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