Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Got in that damn plane again!

Yikes, the valium helps, but I don't think it will ever be a comfortable experience. It sure was an AMAZING day! Nantucket is quite the place. I don't feel the love for it that Rich does, but he has many childhood memories to boost his feelings. I find it a little generic, the houses and roads are all the same, the little towns look so similar. Downtown looks like a fancier Old Port. It is beautiful, but the money and gluttony is sometimes a bit overwhelming. We went with some very good friends and they loved it and that made it all SO worth it.
Of course, I seem to only take photos of the dogs! LOL!!

We thought we would see what the house looked like at the top of the stairs from the beach. There are a lot of these such stairs. Hah, got to the top and they released the hounds!!! :O


Dogs are allowed on the beaches!!! :D
And this dumb chick lets her lab just run into our camp. Good thing we liked dogs, but it did irritate me. Too many cases like this and dogs won't be allowed.

Not sure what happened to my other photos, but we did go have a nice lunch and in town for some people watching and shopping. It was a very nice day! Flight was uneventful and I was very brave. Oh and drugged.

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