Monday, August 19, 2013

Damn, it has been a whole week? (whoops, just saw this never published! Odd)

Where did the time go? More in-laws. More activities, more, more, more. August is the busiest month!!! And the weather has been spectacular, so we are out ENJOYING it!!!

Colby seems to have gone through another stage of blindness. This morning we lost her on the farm. Finally found her, she has wandered into the tall grass and had no idea how to get out. POOR THING, it just broke my heart. We scooped her up and rescued her.

The other day I found her a big, green grasshopper to eat. She used to hunt them daily and ate many this time of year. I put it right in front of her and she could smell it and caught it! She was very proud!

She ate it!

Ready for tons of hummingbird photos! I put out another feeder and they are everywhere!! I am worried soon they will head south. Next week they are saying warmer weather here, but right now we get some very cool nights and I am always happy to see the hummers up and about the next day.

The cooper's hawks can't kill the hummingbirds, they are too fast, so they tend to coexist. Hummers will often nest near cooper's hawks.

I love them in their natural habitat!

The lovely site of all this activity!

Love the eye closed!

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