Thursday, May 23, 2013

Some agility practice

My friend Shona came over yesterday. She has injured her calf and needs to take a break from running her aussie, Rankin. She is hoping to be nearly back by the Regionals in July, which is SUPER AWESOME because we will room together and have a BALL!!! But, she wants me to run Rankin some, so she had him out for some practice. He has different verbal cues and boy was that hard. I have a hard enough time with my OWN cues, LOL!! So, I think next time I just need to not worry so much about my cues as he is so well trained he reads body language so well I don't need them that much.

I also had Spur practicing his pushes. We have our work cut out for us. Silvia says this is good work and just keep at it until it is something he is super comfortable about. As with everything Spur, it will take time.

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