Thursday, May 2, 2013

He is just ROCKIN' these courses!

These are courses from the European Open judge who will be judging it this year. Folks who are going are treating it like it is World Team because WT this year is in South Africa and very few countries will be attending. Too far and not safe. Why they chose it to be there is odd, but it really won't be a World Team even this year. So, everyone is treating the EO as their "World Team" event. And practicing courses designed by this judge. Spur seems to handle them just fine, good little World Team dog!! Hahaha, his times are not exactly WT times, but still cool that he handles these courses just fine! :D

Cute little Phoebe!

 I know it is blurry, but I kind of like this shot. I haven't touched it at all, it almost looks photoshopped!!!
 I was very far away, but I think this is an eider duck?
 Cool looking duck! The largest of the ducks.
 My client's pretty double daffodil!!

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