Monday, May 13, 2013

I brought Roscoe out of retirement!!

I put him in a "Veterans" run. They offer veterans class for any dog over 8, I believe. The jumps are lower, but it is the same course everyone else runs. I did snooker this time, so I could kind of make up my own course. He LOVED it!! Hahahaha! Crazy old man! He's 14 years old!! I guess I will be entering him in some more veterans runs! :D

Spur won his PGP for a bye to Regionals. That's cool!! Glad to have that!! We have missed out on byes because Laura Dolan is entering Race in PGP now and we have NO hope of  beating them. They are world team members. Not really sure why she enters him in performance, he sure isn't a performance dog, he is a double National Champion and a World Team member. But, she wasn't at this trial, so Spur won and got his bye. :D For those who don't know, that means he gets and automatic advancement to the finals in this particular class. We don't have to run clean in round one. It's cool!! It is a nice thing to have and we ARE going to Regionals in July and I can't wait. It will be INDOORS, YAY!!! On field turf, which Spur loves!