Monday, March 4, 2013

Look who is a Champion!!!

I almost didn't get this. We needed on more gamble, for like EVAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. It hardly seemed important at this point. He has had so many Q's in everything else, but only the four gambles and we needed one more to be named a Champion. This was a very easy gamble and in typical Amy fashion I am WAY too far ahead and leaving him in the dust when the buzzer goes off. We have like 17 seconds to DO the gamble and he was on the a-frame. Not a good spot, but we pulled it off. Even with me standing static waving at the jump before the DW. He took it, good boy!!! YAY!!! Finally!!! He is no longer Baby Spur, he is Champion Spur!!! Hah, can't believe I am even saying that!!! Good Little Monkey Pants!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, we don't seem to do that around here in USDAA. Only in AKC. Occasionally, someone will go hug the judge, but even that is rare.